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I’m happy to tell you that my next book, War Babies, is newly out in paperback.

Set during the second World War it tells the story of Rachel Booker, who is fourteen when the war begins and madly in love with Danny, the lad she met working on the Rag Market… It is a family story which I am now continuing in another book, so if you enjoy the first one, you will be able to live with them for a good while yet! For more details, see the Books section.

Now we have reached 2015 it is 70 years since the end of the second World War. We are hoping to hold a number of events to commemorate this – VE Day tea parties! More news of this will follow – to make sure you do get dates, do please visit my Facebook page. I hope perhaps to meet you at one of these events.

So many people contact me to ask about the order in which they should read my books that I have added a readers' guide as to which books stand alone (most of them in fact) and which are part of a pair or trilogy. I hope that helps.

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