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This page will tell you about all of my titles, the latest, in print as I write, is My Daughter, My Mother. If you click on any of the titles it will tell you a little about the book and how it came about.

So many people contact me to ask about the order in which they should read my books that I have added a reading guide as to which books stand alone (most of them in fact) and which are part of a pair or trilogy. I hope that helps.

OUT MAY 27th

The Women of Lilac Street

Meet Me Under the Clock

Growing up in Birmingham, sisters Sylvia and Audrey Whitehouse were always like chalk and cheese. When the Second World War breaks out, Sylvia is still dreaming of her forthcoming marriage to fiancé Ian, while Audrey jumps at the opportunities offered by the WAAF.

Audrey joins the ranks at RAF Cardington but finds that her new freedom also brings temptation. When she goes too far one night, the consequences ripple through the Whitehouse family. Meanwhile Sylvia is doing her bit as a railway porter, much to Ian’s dismay. He thinks her job isn’t very feminine – unlike Sylvia’s new friend Kitty, who is as sweet and pretty as can be. But Kitty’s innocent nature hides a dark secret…

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The Women of Lilac Street

The Women of Lilac Street

Birmingham, almost a decade after the end of the Great War, and the women of Lilac Street have had more than their fair share of troubles…

Rose Southgate is trapped in a loveless marriage. Shy and isolated, she makes the best of life, until she meets a man who changes everything. Jen Green is struggling to make ends meet, with a sick husband and five children to support. Aggie, her eldest daughter, is twelve years old and longs for excitement. But prying into the adult world shows her more than she had bargained for. And Phyllis Taylor is a widow who has managed to put a dark and traumatic past behind her. But the return of her daughter Dolly threatens all that…

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My Daughter, My Mother

My Daughter, My Mother

In 1984 two young mothers meet at a toddler group in Birmingham. As their friendship grows, they share with each other the difficulties and secrets in their lives: Joanne, a sweet, shy girl, is increasingly afraid of her husband. The lively, promising man she married has become hostile and violent and she is too ashamed to tell anyone. When her mother, Margaret is suddenly rushed into hospital, the bewildered family find that there are things about their mother of which they had no idea. Margaret was evacuated from Birmingham as a child and has spent years avoiding the pain of her childhood – but finds that you can’t run from the past forever. …

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Her Majesty

Going the Distance


In Her Majesty: 21 stories by women, edited by Jackie Gay and Emma Hargrave

'The Tonsil Machine'

In Going the Distance, edited by Alan Beard

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